Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The first magazine we are analysing is called 'International Student Magzine'
this magazine does not have a barcode, because we are under the assumption that the magazine is free within the college, or wherever it is handed out.
The masthead is in a Serif Font which connates a formal approach to college life, also it may have been used as it is easy to read. The font has a red letter at the beginning of each word which could connate importance of the magazine or to make it
The main picture shows a midshot of 5 students of both sexes and different races which connotes equality.
This magazine doesn't have a screamer that it is not a commercial magazine trying to get people to buy it, also connoting it is more honest than most magazines.
The coverlines reads '2007 Chung-Ang University' along with infomation about when the magazine was intended to given out. The font is reversed out so it stand out so the important infomation it is able to be seen easily.
There are also no websites, neither is there a puff. This is also shows that this magazine is not directly aimed at a commercial audience.
I don't like this magazine because it is very plain and doesn't have a proper target audience other than a student but there are different types of students, also there is no information about what is in the magazine, such as articles and anything that goes on within the college or university.

The second magazine I am analysing is called 'Chinese Student'
This magazine also does not have a barcode showing that it is given out at college for no price.
There is a puff at the top of the magaxine saying 'your regular guide to study worldwide'.
This font is written on a grey background with the chinese translation next to it so english and chinese fluent people are able to read it.
The masthead is in a bright orange, with the chinese translation next too it in black. Neither of the fonts are in a Sans Serif font, which connates an informal approach to reeaders of the magazine. It also makes the reader want to lookinside the magazine because the masthead is not boring so that would lead people to believe that the rest of the magazine is not boring or bland.
This also links in with the background colour of the magazine. It is a bright blue with a pattern on which connates a feeling of fun because the background is not boring either, and fits in with the rest of the cover and the colour scheme all matches up. The orange and blue connate a feeling of happiness and possibly the sun and the sky. The text being the sun, in its orange colour and the background being the sky in its blue colour.
The main picture on the front of the magazine denotes 6 chinese students, to fit in with the name of the magazine, of both sexes which again provokes a feeling of equality. The photograph is taken from above so the students are looking up to the camera which shows informality. The clothes they are wearing also fit in with the informal feel of the magazine because they are wearing young persons clothing and sunglasses etc.
The coverlines of the magazine are places around the main picture but being careful not to cover the faces of the students. These coverlines are in blue and red colours fitting in with the whole colour scheme of the magazine.
There is also a website link at the bottom of the cover which could connote that there is more infomation to be given about the college and the magazine.

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