Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Who would be the audience for your media product?

My audience for this magazine would be teens aged 16-19 both male and female with a wide range of possible interests; I tried to make the magazine as accessible as possible to a variety of different types of students.

The psychographics of my target audience will be radicals as students like to think of themselves as unique individuals and my magazine appeals to these people with articles such as “Sex, drugs and avoiding mould” this shows a rebellious attitude as well as appealing to their sense of humour. It may also appeal to underachievers as it presents a view of college life that is fun and light-hearted rather than a strictly standard student newsletter. The variety of my different articles appeals to many different types of student around college for example “Free concert tickets” will appeal to music fans, “Top 10 Video Games” will appeal to video game fans etc. The inclusion of these sorts of things means the magazine has wide appeal, even someone who was not interested in a student magazine could pick it up and enjoy an article about music, film, general interest stories etc.

The title “PULSE” is appealing to young people as it connotes a fast paced and energetic lifestyle, it may make the reader think of the fast pulse of the heart as you are doing something fun and exciting. The “Top 10 legal highs” article is a good way of showing students that will take drugs a safer way of having fun; this will intrigue these kinds of people to want to try it even if they think nothing will happen. This article is intended to be humorous rather than serious. Inside on the contents there are pictures of actor Seth Rogan and actress Scarlett Johansson with corresponding articles, these actors are very famous and most readers will be familiar with their work.

The social values of my audience would include hedonists due to the playful and fast paced nature of the magazine and articles about things of their interest, as well as post-materialists and post-modernists. Students do not really appear on Jicnar’s scale however if they were to be grouped in this scale they would come under D, semi and unskilled manual workers as many students have part time jobs in places such as shops and fast food restaurants.

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