Sunday, 10 January 2010

Audience Research

I showed my moodboard and a recent issue of american hip-hop magazine "The Source" and asked him a series of questions to help understand what a member of my target audience would expect and hope for from a new Grime music magazine. The person I interviewed is also a fan of american hip-hop music. The questions I asked him were:

1. Which elements shown in my moodboard do you feel are most important for the production of a Grime/urban music magazine, and what pictures interest you most?
2. Does this magazine appeal to you?
3. What things do you like, and which things don't you like?
4. Is the price acceptable?

These were his answers:

1. "I'm most interested to hear about the artists I hadn't heard of because I didn't recognise some of them and I really like to hear new and original music. I also was interested by the picture of Kidulthood because I really like that film and I would like to hear about new similar movies. The flag and picture of the streets are important too as they represent culture which really interesting."
2. "Yes but it seems some parts are more catered to an american audience so I'm not really interested in those parts."
3. "I like the parts about the music but the other stuff about art and politics and stuff doesn't really interest me. I like the fact that it talks about stuff like games and stuff too, though."
4. " £3.75 is a bit too expensive but it's probably because it's imported from America."

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  1. This is the initial assessment of your research and planning. The mark provided here does not guarantee a specific grade (A, B, C etc), it is the mark I am recommending that we give to this work. This mark will be moderated internally by my colleagues prior to any external moderation by the exam board. Therefore, your mark could go up or down before the final grade is awarded.
    Level 3 14/20 marks
    There is proficient research into similar products and a potential target audience.
    There is minimal organisation of models, locations, costumes or props.
    There is proficient work on layouts and drafting, though there could be more work going into font types, different layout styles and their 'meanings'.
    There is a good level of care in the presentation of the research and planning
    Time management is good.