Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Summarry of research into existing magazines

My research has made me realise that American hip-hop magazines tend to focus more on the wealthy side of hip-hop and appeal to materialists, both in the style (fonts, layouts etc.) and in the content (lists of best new products; video games, gadgets, clothes). My magazine will be unique as I will take a different approach, seeing as my magazine is based mostly on "Grime" my magazine will have a more raw urban style and will seem like it is an "underground" magazine. The magazines I have studied have used slang language to appeal to their audience so I will do the same in my magazine however I will use more slang specific to grime music and british culture. I have learned that for my magazine to be engaging to my audience I will have to include articles on other things than music such as movies and clothing specific to my audience. I will also make my magazine cheaper about £2.50-£3.00 so it will be easier to afford to my audience who may have a low income or no income at all.

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