Sunday, 10 January 2010

More Audience Research

I showed my sketches to a member of my target audience and asked him the following questions:

1. Does this magazine appeal to you?
2. Would you purchase this magazine and why?
3. How much would you pay?
4. What would you want it to include?
5. What changes would you make; what are the things you didn't like?
6. Do you like the layout, fonts, colours etc?
7. What do you think of the magazine in general so far?

1. Yes
2. Yes because it's eye-catching and unique; there aren't any other magazine that deal only with urban music from the UK.
3. £2.50 - £3.00
4. Interviews with well-known artists, reviews and information about new and unkown artists.
5. I would add some more pictures to the front cover to make it more exciting, like above the Dizzee Rascal story could be a small picture of Dizee Rascal.
6. Yes they suit the style of the magazine especially the logo which captures the underground feel of grime and r'n'b and stuff like that.
7. I like it and I'd like to see the finished product to know how it turns out.

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