Thursday, 4 March 2010

How did you attract/address your audience?

I addressed my audience in a mostly informal way as this is the writing style that appeals to young people as formal styles are seen as boring and a formal style would not fit the subject matter of hip-hop music because hip-hop music uses lots of slang and has a straight to the point mentality. For example below are some sample lyrics taken from some of the featured artists songs.

"Still, I'm looking for the perfect view
The way I see it, that's right next to you
I know you've probably heard it before but still
I love it when you flex like that for real"
-Dizee Rascal's "Dance Wiv Me"

"big bar writer
calm, not hyper
grew up on dragonball-z
and street fighter
BMX rider
ga'll dem creeper
full time mic man
part time grinder
if u dnt like me i dont like u neiva"
-Chipmunk's "Who Are You?"

I did not use a lot of slang because wanted to keep it accesible to people who may not be as faimiliar with hip-hop culture as a lot of fans of hip-hop music are also fans of other styles of music such as pop and r&b. I also included some american hip-hop artists such as Lil' Wayne but kept the focus on British artists.

I feel I succeeded in appealling to my target demographic as when I showed to some 15, 17 and 16 year olds they said that it looked appealling and was instantly recognisable as Grime magazine. They all agreed that it looked cool and authentic. The males found it more appealling than the female which is what I expected by the way I had organised the magazine. Everyone who read the magazine had a preferred reading except for one person had an oppositional reading to the part in which the AzA made negative comments towards Chipmunk. When I showed my mother she also had an opositional reading awell s an Aberrant reading as she did not fully understand the slang I had used, I expectd this as she is not my target demographic. The people in my target audience found the writing style and the visual aesthetic pleasurable. Overrall my target audience reacted positivley to my magazine and I was satified with the reactions.

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