Tuesday, 2 March 2010

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Before I created my magazine my target audience was 16-19 year old males from a middle class background and it has stayed relatively the same. They would have to have a small income to be able to afford the £2.75 price of the magazine. The fonts and layout of the magazine appeal to young men as it is seen as a non-mainstream, underground type magazine which is seen by many as "cool". The artist on the front cover is a young male teenager that the audience can relate to who is also representing male youth fashion with his casual style of hoody and t-shirt and earphones inside the magazine. This representation fits dominant ideology of young males with it's fashion however the content of the interview might not fit dominant ideology as it is quite oppositional to traditional stereotypes of young people.They will be students at high school or college, if not they may be unemployed or be D or E on the Jicnar scale (lowest grade workers, semi/unskilled manual workers) as they will be very young and new to the world of work after having recently finished with secondary school. The psychographics of my audience is Underacheivers and Radicals. They're social values are Materialists.

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